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Busy professionals demand learning options. We offer both customized private classes taught just to your team or scheduled public classes which work best for when you have just a single student or smaller group. Our hands-on courses are taught in-person either in a Live Classroom, or online with Virtual Anywhere or one of our Connected Classrooms. For students who cannot take time out for a live class, we also offer many Self-Paced elearning courses.


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Practical prompt engineering to achieve your goals, such as teach a multi-part class. No coding needed. How can ChatGPT or another LLM help you implement your plan, achieve your goal, create a plan for your implementation, and then help you implement it? This is prompt engineering, but it is taken to a very practical level with a bunch of real-world advice.

How to automate achieving your goals and convert your ideas into Python code. A little code is involved. How to automate and script what you have created in Part 1 How to set up the environment, obtain the needed keys, and write helper functions for your interaction with AI. This part ends with the creation of a chatbot that is nice and polite but achieves the goal.

How to ask "Based on my data in the database, should I go into this line of business?" Using AI for talking to your data.  

How do you talk to your data using natural language? Imagine you have a smart data analyst who costs $100/hour and all the wonderful things he or she can do for you. Well, I will give you an automated assistant, and you can keep your money.

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