Advanced MVS JCL and Utilities

Training Summary
This course is designed to help intermediate to advanced system programmers, operators, and application programmers use and code JCL procedures effectively, including analyzing condition codes and system error messages that provide clues to the cause of JCL and utility control statement errors. Effective procedure coding techniques are stressed, such as use of symbolic parameters, DDNAME operands, and other coding techniques to streamline the required JCL. Use of MVS and vendor utility programs are used to demonstrate advanced program, library, and system management techniques. This course includes lecture components and hands-on labs to give each student the opportunity to understand and use JCL language for production processing.
Students must be familiar with basic JCL coding, as well as use of ISPF edit and an output retrieval program such as SDSF.
3 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for programmers.
Course Topics
  • Job Control Language Essentials Review
  • New Job Control Language Features
  • The IEBCOPY Utility
  • The Sort Utility
  • Advanced Printing Techniques
  • Using and Writing Procedures
  • The IDCAMS Utility
  • MVS Utilities
  • Tape Processing
  • Using the TSO TMP and REXX with Batch
  • UNIX System Services
  • FTP Essentials
  • Miscellaneous Topics

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