Introduction to z/OS

Training Summary
This class introduces the newcomer to the world of z/OS. After explaining the organization of mainframe hardware, it examines how work is performed and how programs run in the z/OS environment. Concepts, terminology and acronyms associated with z/OS, and MVS/ESA are explained, as is the relationship of z/OS to the world of PCs, and UNIX. The student will be introduced to the features and functions commonly used in MVS, including:* The purpose of MVS* The operating system structure* Virtual storage and paging* Disk, tape and dataset organization* TSO* JCL* Related software productsThe structure and features of JES2 are also presented, including:* The purpose of JES2* Job flow in JES2* Job and report classesThe impact of SMS on MVS processing is detailed by reviewing its effect on a typical dataset during its life cycle. The benefits of SMS are presented, as well as the impact of SMS on MVS JCL.
A technical computer background is required for this course.
2 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for programmers, analysts, technical support personnel, operators and managers working in a z/OS environment.
Course Topics
  • z/OS Overview
  • TSO/E and ISPF Overview
  • Navigating MVS Documentation
  • ISPF Utilities and Settings
  • Intro to z/OS UNIX System Services
  • Accessing UNIX System Services
  • UNIX Essentials (Optional topic)
  • Unicode (Optional topic)
  • Programming Languages (Optional topic)

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