EZReport for OPS/MVS


EZReport Creates detailed management reports for better analysis and "big picture" oversight of customer's data center automation efforts.

CA-OPS/MVS contains minimal built-in reporting, focused on short-term internal details, not business goals.

EZReport stores report data in a DB2 database, enabling it to show trends over time.

DB2 support enables Automation data to be viewed in web-based dashboards.


  • Collects OPS/MVS data from SMF records and internal probes
  • Easily extensible to allow site-written automation to collect and report on business metrics

Contains canned reports in the following areas:

  • Code report, showing code growth over time, recent changes, automation code execution trends, and failures
  • Data report, showing Global variable and RDF table usage over time
  • IPL report, shows time and duration from shutdown to IPL complete
  • System State Manager report, showing resource availability and definition changes
  • Availability report
  • MVS message trend report


  • Monitor effectiveness of your OPS/MVS automation
  • Simplified justification of your investment in automation
  • Avoid embarrassing automation outages by monitoring key resources


  • CA-OPS/MVS: Any vendor supported release
  • MVS: Any IBM supported release
  • DB2: Any IBM-supported release