You and z/OS and the World Wide Web

Training Summary
Students who complete this course will be able to create and maintain web pages written in HTML (and XHTML) that are hosted on the mainframe. This also provides a firm basis for writing CGI (Common Gateway Interface) scripts to run on the z/OS server.
Prerequisites: experience working with z/OS UNIX; specifically, the student is expected to be comfortable using the following commands:
  • omvs
  • oedit
  • chmod
  • umode
  • pax
  • mkdir
  • cd
  • oput
  • oget
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for programmers experienced with working in a z/OS environment who will be designing and coding Web applications that are to be run using the z/OS HTTP server.
Course Topics
  • Introduction to the Web
  • Introduction to Markup Languages
  • Text Markup Elements
  • Links and Anchors
  • Basics of HTML style
  • Introduction to Style Sheets
  • Lists
  • Images and maps
  • Objects
  • The AUDIO and VIDEO elements - Optional section
  • Introduction to Client-side scripting

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