z/OS Communications Server Part 1 - Implementing an APPN Network using SNA/VTAM

Training Summary
This newly revised four-day course is the first part of the definitive z/OS Communications Server training program. It is an essential requirement for all personnel working in or with an SNA (APPN and SubArea) network. This in-depth course introduces and explains the concepts, terminology and configuration of SNA, VTAM and APPN. Emphasis is placed upon, but is not limited to, VTAM implementations of SNA in both an APPN and SubArea Network. Additionally, APPC is explained in detail. The course also teaches how to define the network in order to optimize response time and throughput, especially in a Parallel Sysplex. Please note that this is a highly practical course where each student will have their own VTAM/APPN Network.
A knowledge of z/OS concepts. A basic understanding of network concepts would be helpful but is not mandatory.
4 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is ideal for all personnel working in operations, systems programming, and networking departments.
Course Topics
  • SNA - Introduction
  • Console Commands
  • Network Addressable Units
  • SNA Sessions
  • APPN/HPR Concepts
  • APPN/HPR Topology
  • Network Installation and Definition
  • VTAM and APPN Resources
  • User-Coded Tables
  • APPN and VTAM Data Flow
  • APPN Message Structures
  • VTAM/APPN Trace
  • Enterprise Extender
  • Using VTAM Generics and Multi Node Persistent Sessions

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