z/OS Technical Bootcamp

Training Summary
This course provides an intense examination of z/OS for systems programmers. Topics include an introduction to computer systems hardware and an exploration of architecture, system services and functions, storage management mechanisms, and I/O processes. Additional topics include REXX programming, SMP/E processing, an overview of Workload Manager and performance tuning. In the final section a look at system diagnostics and data collection will be examined. It includes a mix of demonstration & hands-on (10) labs.” For our open enrollment dates, this ten day course is scheduled over a three week period, with one week break in-between.
z/OS (MVS) Skill Pack (PT2013) or equivalent experience with TSO/ISPF and JCL processing are required.
10 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for system programmers, operators, and application programmers that need an understanding of the z/OS environment and the subsystems supported. Workstations will be used to illustrate concepts and provide basic exposure to the elements of the z/OS environment
Course Topics
  • System Basics
  • Programs
  • History and Overview of z/OS
  • The IPL Process
  • System Services and PARMLIB
  • Storage Management Mechanisms
  • Task Management
  • I/O Processing
  • Access Methods and Data Bases
  • Resource Management
  • System Managed Storage
  • Introduction to JES2
  • Introduction to Unix System Services (USS)
  • Introduction to Basic Communication Services
  • Introduction to REXX Programming
  • SMP/E Installation and Maintenance

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