z/OS UNIX Systems Services Implementation

Training Summary
This course is designed to help MVS system programmers understand, install, maintain, and support z/OS UNIX System Services and software running on top of UNIX System Services.
The student should have attended the Introduction to z/OS UNIX course or have equivalent familiarity with end user UNIX commands and access to UNIX on z/OS. The student should also be familiar with z/OS architecture and systems programming.
4 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for technical staff who are responsible for installing, maintaining, troubleshooting and tuning IBM mainframe computer systems running z/OS.
Course Topics
UNIX Background and Basics
  • z/OS UNIX Architecture & System Programming
  • Understanding the zSeries File System
  • Understanding z/OS UNIX Security
  • Customizing and Using Shells
  • Setting up UNIX Daemons
  • z/OS UNIX Operation
  • z/OS TCP/IP Stack
  • z/OS Web Server
  • z/OS UNIX Performance Tuning
  • Intro to UNIX Application Development
  • Debugging & Diagnosing UNIX Problems
  • Shell Programming Essentials (optional topic)
  • Using REXX with UNIX System Services (optional topic)

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